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Introducing Norfolk artist Addie Petravich.  

I was born in 1939 in COBH, Co.Cork, Eire - a holloween baby.  My father, an English soldier and my Irish mother.  We came back to London in 1940 during the Blitz and eventually my mother and I were evacuated to Devon where my earliest memories were sitting on my mothers knee drawing Jesus in a boat with the disciples!  I can clearly see that drawing - my mother at that time a practising catholic so that obviously contributed to my choice of subject.

Later I used to draw faeries for my younger sister and we'd cut them out and send them out of the bedroom window to fly off to fairyland - that is until my mother complained about all the bits of paper scattered about in the yard.

My visionary native american drawings have always been in my heart - I had a vivid dream when I was about 5 years old in beautiful vibrant colour, since then I have felt a connection to the Native Amercans before I knew anything about them, their culture and tragic history - and that connection more than anything else has made me who I am today 'spiritually'.

Probably about 10 years ago when I had time to myself I started to draw and paint all the pictures in my head.  Sometimes they come easily and sometimes even a year or two before they materialise fully.  I've never been to art school or classes and am self taught.  I love doing what I do and am happy that there are a few others that like what I do as well.

Addie Petravich
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